More on Sergio Toppi

On Monday Sidebar Nation released a podcast on renowned Italian illustrator Sergio Toppi. I thought it would be a good excuse to re-visit the legend, and post some more Toppi illustrations. Toppi’s work, at a casual glance looks like  simple compositions of layered of images. Anything more than a casual glance though, shows the incredible skill that is needed to produce …

John Howe Documentry

I watched this documentary on John Howe by François Boetschi and Anders Banke. It’s called “There and back again”. He talks about a wide variety of things from how his short-sightedness influencing his perception of the world to his work for Lord of the Rings. A very inspiring short film.

Busy Busy

Hi everyone, I’ve been away for a while both figuratively and physically. For two months I had the privilege of staying with family in America. I also have been very busy with some illustration work which I hope to post as soon as their published. For now I’ll say watch this space and I hope you like these images by the recently passed …

Bodies in Motion

Scott Eaton has an excellent website dedicated to human anatomy. It contains sketches, 3d models and step-by-step videos. Visit it here. His bodies in motion library contains thousands of high quality images of figures in various athletic movements. As I understand it you have to sign up to his anatomy course to get access to the images, but he has …

David Jon Kassan

“As an expression of his own calculated observation and visual consumption of surrounding environment, introspective glimpses of reality imbue the art of David Jon Kassan. By immersing himself into his subject matter, Kassan is able to infuse his painting with life and realism.” View his website here