New Website!

Soooo, I haven’t been posting very frequently for a few  reasons: My wife has birthed a bouncing baby boy, two illustration jobs, a logo design, university assessments,  end of year student exhibition and last but not least, designing a new …

What’s in your pencil case!

Thought I’d show what I sling in my bag with a sketchbook when I’m off to anywhere with potential spare time. A – Zebra Sharbo diary pen. Just got this today as a present. It has a pen and pencil …

Life Drawings

A bunch of images from my life drawing sketch book.

Warning – Nudity.

Misty Sheep

If you go through the woods near our house you come to a look-out point that gives a over the whole valley. On this particular day there was an amazingly thick mist which  shrouded all but 15 meters in front …


What would happen if the heroic knight didn’t make it?


A quick study of light and shadow.