‘Siani Bob Man’ Exhibition – King March’s Ears

I’ve finally got round to posting the work I did for and exhibition called ‘Siani Bob Man’. It’s a collection of illustrators work on a range of Welsh folk stories. The tale I chose was ‘King March’s Ears’. The story speaks about a proud king who has an embarrassing secret – he has the ears of a horse. The only person that knows this secret is his barber. This secret poisons the barber who is forced to tell it to the earth, otherwise he will die. From this enchanted earth, reeds grow. The reeds in turn are used by a passing musician to make a flute. The musician plays the magical flute before king March, but all the flute will play are the words “King March has the ears of a horse”. So the secret is out. There are connections with the tale “Mark of Cornwall” which Howard Pyle illustrated and King Midas from Greek Mythology.

King March

The Barber

Here’s a quick time-lapse of me starting the King March painting.

In the gallery

Artists included in this exhibition:

Teresa Jenellen
Patsy Moffett
Valériane Leblond
Sian Bowman
Peter Stevenson
Ruth Jen Evans
Dorry Spikes
Patti Keane

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