Illustrations for the Mistborn Series

I’ve recently finished reading Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy. It was such a great story which kept you guessing right till the end. What I liked about the triology, and Brandon Sanderson’s stories in general is his departure from the Tolekien fantasy model.  Many fantasy stories seem to be still sticking the tried and tested fantasy model, that of dragons, dwarfs, magicians and the like.  Sanderson’s work re-invents the genre, creating fantastically vivid and different worlds.  I read the trilogy as an e-book with the  covers being designed by Gollancsz. Some other covers are below.

Gollancz Designs

Sam Weber


Jon Foster

Chis McGrath

*Update* Since starting this post I also read ” The Alloy of Law” which is about the same world as the Mistborn trilogy just set sometime in the future from the original books. Below are some of the covers for this book.

Gollancz Designs                      Chis McGrath

Alloy-of-Law-UKsm  Chris_McGrath_alloyoflaw

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