Standing on the Giants Grave

This is cover image for the new book “Standing on the Giants Grave”. It came out a few weeks ago so I think it’s safe to post the original artwork now. It’s a story inspired by true events about a governess who being in a loveless marriage looses her position, child and is rejected by her husband. The determinate nature of the governess’ character is something I wanted to get across, along with the despair of her situation. I used an old sheet to simulate the folds of her dress then looked at period clothing for the rest of it. I wasn’t given too much information about the story so there may be a few inconsistencies between image and text. Below is amazon’s description of the story.

“Set in provincial England and Wales, “Standing on the Giant’s Grave” is a gripping and moving historical novel relating the troubled life of an intelligent and capable young woman in the early years of the nineteenth century. Based on the memoirs and diary of a real-life governess, this is the powerful tale of Ellen Weeton”

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